Revivio automates CDP functions

By Ann Silverthorn

—Next week, Revivio plans to announce its Application Infrastructure Suite, which is designed to automate data protection and recovery by leveraging the company's continuous data protection (CDP) technology. Revivio will bundle the Application Infrastructure Suite with its Continuous Protection System (CPS) 1200 series of CDP appliances—currently at no extra charge.

The CPS 1200 application availability architecture consists of Recovery Point Manager and the new Recovery Services Manager, of which Application Integration Suite is a part. Recovery Point Manager includes CDP, replication, and archiving.

Consisting of four components—Automation Engine, Application Knowledge Modules, Object Knowledge Modules, and Interface Manager—the Application Integration Suite offers opportunities for value-added functions, such as data classification and policy management. The combination of the components and value-added functions form Revivio's Recovery Services Manager.

Application Infrastructure Suite automates many of the repetitive tasks that administrators perform to restore applications, perform backups, and carry out disaster-recovery testing and auditing.

Dianne McAdam, director of enterprise information assurance at the Clipper Group research and consulting firm, says Revivio's Application Integration Suite has the ability to communicate with Oracle to determine the end of a transaction or to flush all completed transactions and mark that position. "The marker indicates a point in time that is consistent with the way an application 'thinks,' rather than recovering to a point that consists of half a transaction," says McAdam.

Revivio also automates tasks for creating a time image and moving that image to an offline backup tape, a process the company refers to as "windowless backup." For disaster-recovery testing and auditing, Revivio generates a time image at a remote location using its replication system, mounts it, and runs a series of tests against it to prove the image is recoverable at the remote site. The recovery image can then be moved to a tape library or permanent archive.

"Application Integration Suite enables value-added functions like data classification. And users can control recovery points, so they can decide by class which recovery point is appropriate for the data," says Kirby Wadsworth, Revivio's senior vice president of marketing and business development. "For instance, depending on the classification or policy, they can introduce encryption or de-duplication. The suite offers the capability to manage recovery points regardless of whether they come from a tape library or the CDP system."

Revivio's CPS 1200 series is priced from approximately $50,000.

This article was originally published on March 24, 2006