XOsoft upgrades DR software

By Ann Silverthorn

—XOsoft announced this week the latest release of its disaster-recovery software, WANSync v4.0. The release features a reconfigured management and deployment module, support for Linux and 64-bit computing, continuous data protection (CDP) support for Unix, support for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), and automatic Blackberry configuration.

WANSync 4.0 also includes a wizard for installation, remote installation, or simultaneous installation on hundreds of servers. It features remote configuration capabilities. Administrators have to configure only the master site, and the configuration is automatically pushed out to the replicas.

"A product like WANSync has to be easy to operate," says Dave Russell, research director, storage software, at the Gartner IT consulting firm. "If there's a disaster, or if a critical application has been compromised, the better the user interface, the easier it is for someone who's not the primary administrator to navigate the system. If the primary administrator is not able to make it into the office, another person can be guided through the operations by phone. It takes a lot of risk, and opportunity for error, out of the recovery process."

Regarding the expansion of WANSync's CDP support to include Unix (as well as Windows), Russell says that, "while CDP spending is largely focused on smaller Windows environments, the real value of CDP is in mission-critical applications—typically databases that are often running in a Unix environment. Over time, the CDP market will shift more toward Unix environments."

The CDP for Unix feature will not only reach XOsoft customers, but also those of BMC Software, which OEMs XOsoft's CDP technology.

As for the new support for Microsoft's IIS, Gil Rapaport, XOsoft's executive vice president of marketing and strategy, says that "IIS is what most Web servers run. And as we move into Fortune 1000 sites, this is a natural progression. We plan to develop support for Microsoft SharePoint next."

Pricing for WANSync ranges from $3,500 to $10,000 per server.

This article was originally published on April 28, 2006