Copan doubles MAID capacity

By Ann Silverthorn

—Implementing 500GB drives, Copan has doubled the capacity of its Revolution 220 series of massive array of idle disks (MAID) virtual tape and archiving subsystems. Total capacity of the arrays has increased from 224TB to 448TB per cabinet, yielding up to 44TB per square foot with a power consumption increase of less than 10%.

Copan keeps power consumption down with its Power Managed RAID and Disk Aerobics software, which monitor and manage disk drives to ensure drives are only powered on when necessary—up to 25% of the drives at any given time.

"The MAID architecture for 'write-once, read-occasionally' or what we call 'persistent' data, which is used in both backup and recovery as well as archiving, reduces capital expenditure costs and operational expenditures," says Roger Archibald, vice president of marketing and business development at Copan. "Many users are concerned about power consumption in their data centers, particularly as they deploy more blade servers."

The Revolution series consists of models 220T and 220TX (which include virtual tape library, or VTL, functionality), and 220A (for archiving). They can scale from one to eight shelves, or 28TB to 448TB of capacity, using either 250GB or 500GB drives.

Each rack consumes 10 sq. ft. of data-center floor space. Copan can pack the disk drives tighter because the drives do not generate as much heat and vibration as they do in traditional architectures with drives that spin constantly.

The Revolution 220T and 220TX, which are fully integrated tape environments, cost about $3 per gigabyte, including the virtual tape software. (Copan OEMs VTL software from FalconStor Software.)

Copan introduced the Revolution 220A archiving subsystem in November 2005. See "Copan adds data archiving array."

This article was originally published on April 28, 2006