Emulex completes Aarohi acquisition

By Kevin Komiega

—Today, Fibre Channel specialist Emulex is expected to complete its acquisition of Aarohi Communications, a maker of storage processors, network adapters and software. Emulex acquired Aarohi for approximately $39 million in cash.

Emulex plans to use Aarohi's products, engineers, and technology to gain a foothold in the 10Gbps Ethernet market and boost its offerings in the so-called "intelligent storage platform" space, which includes storage virtualization technology.

Emulex will use Aarohi's processor engines to further develop its storage virtualization products for switching platforms and SAN appliances. Aarohi's product portfolio consists of processors, adapters, and FabricStream software modules, all of which are designed to speed up the I/O performance of storage devices and networks.

"What the acquisition will bring [Emulex] is the ability to enter new markets and expand our products in markets we are already in," says Brian Reed, vice president of business development at Emulex. "We are expanding into new aspects of both servers and storage."

Reed declined to comment on specific product plans, but says that Emulex is focused on technologies such as 10Gbps iSCSI, high-performance server clustering, and the acceleration of Ethernet-based network traffic. It is likely that Emulex-branded Aarohi technology will turn up in server clustering and high performance computing applications in the near future.

Aarohi has roughly 72 employees, primarily engineers based in San Jose, CA and Bangalore, India. Reed says that Emulex will expand the Bangalore site, and expects it to become one of its major research and development facilities over the next few years.

Aarohi's processor technology, including its AV150 Intelligent Storage Processor launched in November 2004, enables non-disruptive data migration and data replication, heterogeneous volume management and, according to the company, offers end users significant improvements in data availability and storage utilization.

Aarohi's current customers include McData, which will bring the key underlying technology to market in its forthcoming intelligent switch platform. In addition, Aarohi has been working with a number of strategic partners on porting software to the Aarohi platform.

This article was originally published on May 01, 2006