Data Domain adds WAN vaulting

By Ann Silverthorn

—Data Domain today announced a wide area network (WAN) vaulting option for its DD400 line of disk-based storage appliances. WAN Vaulting for enterprise backup is part of Data Domain's Replicator software option and allows administrators to vault backed-up data sets over a WAN for data protection in case of disaster. Using the company's Global Compression technology, providing up to 20:1 compression, data can be moved in a many-to-one or peer-to-peer fashion.

A June 2005 lab validation report prepared by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) consulting firm validates Data Domain's claims of a 20:1 reduction in capacity for backup data, and states: "Customers could easily retain 20TB of backup data on only 1TB of disk capacity." To view the report, go to "Data Domain: The DD400 Series."

"WAN Vaulting takes advantage of our core storage optimization and de-duplication technology and is an alternative to tape copies for vaulting over the highway," says Frank Slootman, president and CEO of Data Domain.

De-duplication looks for commonalities in files or blocks of data and only stores unique information. Slootman says that in addition to de-duplication between files, Data Domain can see commonalities across all sites and servers. Over time, the history of what has been duplicated increases, and the de-duplication becomes even more efficient.

Customers can deploy the WAN Vaulting technology across enterprises in small, medium, and large sites. Many small sites can back up to a data center where the consolidation of the data takes place, and if administrators want to make tape copies for archive purposes they can do so in a consolidated manner. Users can also archive their data for compliance purposes using tape or a digital-archiving subsystem.

WAN Vaulting is sold as an option for the DD400 series of disk-based storage appliances. Prices for the option range from $2,500 to $10,000.

Other vendors offering WAN vaulting include FalconStor, Iron Mountain, Network Appliance, and Sepaton.

Separately, Data Domain's DD460 appliance has been nominated for the Most Valuable Product (MVP) awards sponsored by InfoStor and the Association of Storage Networking Professionals (ASNP) in the Data Protection Software product category. The MVP Awards winners will be announced at the Storage World Conference in Long Beach, CA, June 20-22. To view the other nominees, see "MVP Awards finalists selected."

This article was originally published on May 02, 2006