Kazeon integrates with Google

By Ann Silverthorn

—Kazeon has partnered with Google to extend enterprise search further into the storage infrastructure. The solution integrates Google's OneBox for Enterprises, a new feature of the Google Search Appliance, with Kazeon's Information Server1200 (IS1200), an appliance for searching large backup stores and corporate archives. The companies also have an agreement to sell each other's products.

The IS1200 enables a full-text search from more than 370 kinds of files distributed across hundreds of servers in an enterprise. The types of files it searches include Microsoft Office, e-mail, pdf, .pst, and .zip, and it requires only 5% additional storage space to do so. Searches can be performed by file type, content, or both.

Google's OneBox searches the company's intranet and the Internet from a Web portal, but it doesn't search NFS or CIFS. That's where Kazeon's technology takes over—searching all of the files that it has indexed on the company's network. The result is a single view that shows both sets of results. The combined solution enables users to respond quickly to litigation and comply with regulations.

Users have the choice of initiating the search through the Google interface or the Kazeon interface.

The business needs for search technology vary. Some companies only need basic file reporting (e.g., finding out how many files are of a certain age, identifying the number of MP3 files on the network, or tiering their storage). Financial institutions, insurance companies, and telecoms are concerned with privacy and security. They may want to locate information on the network that could be a liability, such as credit card or social security numbers, and may need to lock down that data or delete it.

Litigation spurs another critical search activity for many businesses. The cost associated with outsourcing legal searches to attorneys is high. Speeding up search time can lower costs and also allow businesses more time to prepare for a case.

In addition, the search of backed-up data using Kazeon's SnapSearch and Recovery software, which supports Network Appliance's data-protection products, is a function that Kazeon expects to grow over the next year as disk-drive capacities continue to increase and more data is kept online.

The Kazeon appliance with the Google integration module will be available on July 10 at a cost of $50,000. Google's OneBox is priced from about $30,000.

Solix is another vendor that recently integrated its software with the Google Enterprise Search appliance (see "Solix offers Google search for archives").

This article was originally published on June 13, 2006