Iron Mountain combines backup, encryption

By Ann Silverthorn

—Iron Mountain Digital, the technology arm of Iron Mountain Inc., has combined its backup software product, Connected Backup/PC, and its data-protection solution, DataDefense, into a new marketing strategy called the PC Data Protection Suite. For PCs and laptops, Connected Backup/PC backs up and restores data, and Data Defense encrypts data and also remotely eliminates data if a laptop is lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the information it contains.

The Connected Backup/PC product became part of Iron Mountain Digital's portfolio when Iron Mountain acquired Connected Corp. in October 2004 for $117 million. Iron Mountain had a prior OEM relationship with Connected. Connected Backup/PC allows automatic backup of PCs and laptops without disturbing users. The product's MyROAM feature allows control of backup and restoration from both inside and outside company firewalls. Connected Backup/PC scales from five to hundreds of thousands of PCs using one centralized management tool.

This past January, Iron Mountain Digital launched DataDefense, which works as a client-server solution. On the server side, administrators set rules that the agent, which is downloaded to the PC or laptop, follows. If an unauthorized user tries to hack into the laptop and, for instance, has 10 failed password attempts in a row, the agent will start eliminating pre-identified data on the machine. Or, if the machine is out of contact with the server for a specified period of time, it will also delete data. If the user knows the PC has been stolen, an administrator can order the server to wipe out the data on the PC if it should come online.

"You can get the data back with Connected Backup/PC," says Steven Roll, senior product manager at Iron Mountain Digital. "Or if you think your laptop was stolen, but it turns out your kid had it in the backyard, Connected Backup/PC can restore the data to the original laptop."

Customers receive a cost benefit in addition to functional benefits of using both products together. Existing Connected Backup/PC customers will receive a 30% discount on DataDefense, while new customers will receive 20% off each product. Pricing for Connected Backup/PC starts at about $18 per-seat per-month with volume discounts available. DataDefense is priced from $120 per-seat per-year. Customers can also purchase the PC Data Protection Suite as a licensed product.

Roll says that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will typically opt for the subscription-based pricing, and larger enterprises will opt for the licensed versions. SMBs can avoid capital investment by using Iron Mountain storage, and enterprises often have the expertise to handle the storage in-house.

The Iron Mountain Digital business unit was formed through the acquisition of Connected Corporation (see "Iron Mountain to acquire Connected"). The December 2005 acquisition of server-backup company, LiveVault, is also part of Iron Mountain Digital (see "Iron Mountain to acquire LiveVault").

This article was originally published on July 01, 2006