ProStor enhances RHDD archiving systems

By Dave Simpson

– ProStor Systems has added a number of features to its InfiniVault archiving platforms, which are based on RDX removable hard disk drives (RHDDs).

For example, a remote replication feature allows users to send copies of data to remote InfiniVault systems for disaster recovery purposes. Remote replication is in addition to the ability to make up to four copies of data and transport RDX disk cartridges to an offsite location.

ProStor also added a feature that gives users the ability to create read/write vaults to allow third-party applications (e.g., document management systems) and administrators to control retention policies.

A capacity reclamation feature allows write once, read many (WORM) vaults to be removed from the file area and RDX cartridge capacity to be reused after data reaches its retention limit.

"Once the retention period is over, rather than destroying or throwing away the media you can write over the expired data and re-use the media, while maintaining compliance requirements," explains Buzz Walker, ProStor's vice president of marketing.

The company also added a second Gigabit Ethernet port. The two ports can be configured in "teaming mode" for fault tolerance, or in "specialized ports mode" to segregate data from management traffic.

InfiniVault systems can currently be configured with 500GB removable SATA drives; 640GB drives will be available in the next quarter. System functionality includes indexing, data deduplication, compression, encryption and compliance.

ProStor positions InfiniVault against optical- and tape-based archiving platforms, as well as mid-range and low-end NAS systems, and claims to have shipped more than 70PB and 500,000 disk cartridges. Distributor partners include Cranel Imaging, NewWave, Rorke Data and Storageflex, and OEMs include Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Imation, NEC, Nortel and Tandberg Data.

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This article was originally published on June 25, 2009