Mimosa adds e-discovery

By Ann Silverthorn

—Mimosa Systems this week announced that it has added e-discovery and regulatory compliance options to the 2.0 version of its NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange software. The base product already included features such as continuous data protection (CDP), archiving, auditor roles, and disaster recovery.

Mimosa's eDiscovery option takes advantage of NearPoint's index repository, providing broader searching and collaboration capabilities. When a company is sued, a team of paralegals typically sifts through a large number of records using a sophisticated set of search criteria. NearPoint's eDiscovery option searches through the records created during a given time frame and may bring back, say, 10,000 possible hits. The paralegal team then reviews those records and places those that qualify as evidence into a review list. Those possibilities are then exempted from the routine data movement of e-mail records until the litigation is complete. When the paralegals are done, they can export their findings and deliver those records to the attorneys.

NearPoint can also trace an e-mail's movement through the Exchange system. It determines all the users who received the e-mail, as well as every reply and every forwarded copy. NearPoint reports the entire relational lifecycle of the e-mail.

As for compliance, some regulations require records to be stored in an unalterable, or immutable, format. The basic NearPoint product copies messages to a NearPoint server creating a digital signature. Every time users retrieve messages from the archive, NearPoint compares digital signatures to make sure they match. If there's a mismatch, then the software alerts the administrator. For data that must be immutable, NearPoint's Compliance Storage option can copy it to an EMC Centera platform. The company plans to include NetApp's SnapLock and other write-once, read-many (WORM) solutions in the near future.

"Once we place it in the Centera, the only way to tamper with that data is to take a sledgehammer to it," says Mike Ivanov, vice president of product marketing for Mimosa. "If we see a mismatch in the storage repository compared to the compliance storage device [Centera], we will overwrite the primary storage with the compliance-device data, because that is the master that can't be tampered with.

NearPoint can also track all the activity on the NearPoint server that's performed by an administrator or auditor. It can report which administrator created an auditor role and what the auditor's findings were. All of that information is stored in a non-tamperable database format. An activity-tracking report shows who did what and when.

Mimosa NearPoint version 2.0 is priced from $9,995 for 100 mailboxes. Options are priced at $4,000 each for up to 100 mailboxes. For environments with more than 2,000 mailboxes, pricing is $40 per mailbox for NearPoint and $16 per mailbox for the eDiscovery option. Additional options, including the Disaster Recovery option and Compliance Storage option, are priced at $8 per mailbox.

This article was originally published on August 16, 2006