NeoScale, Sepaton lock down VTL data

By Kevin Komiega

—Disk-based backup specialist Sepaton has inked a deal with security vendor NeoScale Systems to bring data encryption and key management technology to Sepaton's virtual tape library (VTL) appliance.

The new solution will provide FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption and wire-speed performance for data residing on Sepaton's flagship S2100-ES2 VTL.

The new solution is essentially an appliance within an appliance. The CryptoStor appliance sits inside the S2100-ES2 VTL. Data moves from primary storage through the NeoScale appliance where it is encrypted and stored on the VTL during backup-and-recovery operations. The encryption process is transparent to users.

Customers can scale their VTL environments from 150MBps to 2.400GBps, or 8.6 TB per hour, of performance and capacity from 4.8TB to 25PB while maintaining AES 256 encryption of data stored on the system. NeoScale's Global Key Management supports automatic sharing of encryption keys between data centers, enabling VTL data to be securely stored in multiple locations.

The biggest issue hanging over the heads of those considering encryption is key management. Dore Rosenblum, NeoScale's vice president of marketing, says that key management will be a critical issue facing IT managers in the coming year. "If you lose the key, your data is no longer readable. Key management has historically been proprietary and integrated into vendor-specific solutions. That's why it needs to be done in an open way," he says.

"More and more companies are looking for ways to secure data at rest. Now they can leverage the high performance of a VTL and not be exposed to security threats," says Rosenblum. But, he says, the key is to implement security with an open standards, multi-vendor approach.

The NeoScale CryptoStor FC storage security appliance encrypts data on SAN-attached disk arrays without requiring host software agents or reconfiguration of storage devices. CryptoStor enforces policies for primary storage access control and data-at-rest encryption for protection against human error or malicious data access.

CryptoStor appliances inspect storage traffic and apply access controls and encryption with minimal latency. CryptoStor operates transparently with policy-based management, blocks unauthorized storage access, and scales to support hundreds of user-defined rules.

This isn't the first security partnership for Sepaton. The company announced earlier this year that it has been certified as interoperable with DataFort storage security appliances from Decru, a subsidiary of Network Appliance.

Jay Livens, marketing director for Sepaton, says the new secure VTL solution will be sold by both companies and is available now. "The Sepaton sales team will be trained on the NeoScale solution, and vice versa, and we will engage with customers together when opportunities arise," he says.

Pricing for the products will vary based on capacity.

This article was originally published on August 17, 2006