C2C launches e-mail archiving suite

By Ann Silverthorn

—C2C is a UK-based company that has been quietly operating two U.S. offices in Massachusetts since 2001. The company is making some noise now in order to grow its US presence. Last week, C2C introduced its Archive One software, a message-management suite designed to help IT managers manage e-mail archiving, search and discovery, and mailbox capacity.

Archive One consists of three main components: Policy Manager, Compliance Manager, and Access Security Manager.

Policy Manager is designed to help companies reduce capacity requirements and storage costs by enforcing policies for e-mail retention and retrieval. It puts a stub in place of the e-mail and moves the data out to secondary disk storage, improving server performance.

Compliance Manager handles mailbox capacity and indexes, archives, and stores e-mail. Compliance Manager's indexing, search, and retrieval with full audit trails ensure better compliance with regulations such as SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA.

Access Security Manager audits and manages access rights for e-mail so that only appropriate people have access to other users' mail. The module is designed to reduce e-mail theft and helps administrators ensure that compliance laws and e-mail policies are being followed.

Aim Healthcare, a claims-management company near Nashville, started using Archive One after a dispute arose between the company and a couple of employees. An e-mail, which would have settled the dispute, had been deleted so neither side could prove its case. Archiving their e-mail insures that should another situation like that arise, any related e-mails will be able to be searched—including content in attachments—and retrieved.

AIM Healthcare is also using Archive One to strip non-work-related e-mails from the system, such as movie files and MP3 files, that are often attached to forwarded jokes and other social e-mails. The employees don't notice it yet, because the company is currently deleting only very old e-mails, but soon employees will be informed that non-work-related e-mails will be deleted from their in-boxes.

Archive One can handle up to 10,000 users, but C2C's target market is the 500- to 5,000-user range. The product costs between $17,000 and $25,000 for 1,000 users.

This article was originally published on August 24, 2006