Kazeon expands data classification platforms

By Ann Silverthorn

—A year after launching its Information Server IS1200 information manager solution, Kazeon is introducing three new versions of the product to address unstructured data for legal discovery, data privacy and security, and file reporting. The IS1200-ECS, IS1200-FRM, and IS1200-SA are integrated, out-of-band appliances

The IS1200-ECS focuses on compliance, retention, data privacy, and security. It crawls the network shares and creates a full-text index identifying sensitive data such as credit card or Social Security numbers, corporate patents, or medical information. When it finds sensitive data, it can move it to more secure storage.

Also included in the IS1200-ECS are accelerator templates?starter templates customized for healthcare, financial services, high tech manufacturing and data privacy. The system can crack open more than 300 different types of files, including any file written in ASCII format. It can also integrates with the DICOM medical imaging and healthcare software.

The IS1200-SA is a search appliance that provides a subset of the ECS version's capabilities at a lower price. It can find files based on users' search criteria and can remove duplicates to reduce the costs associated with legal services. The SA version does not have the integration features that the ECS version does for retention management.

The IS1200-FRM platform is designed for file reporting and migration and is designed for systems administrators that want a better understanding of the IT environment. It doesn't look inside the files, but reports on file utilization, access patterns, and duplicate flagging.

The reporting in the FRM platform displays the space that's being consumed by duplicate files. It can report based on file type or file size so that administrators can see how much space can be saved by optimizing those files.

Kazeon plans to compete with EMC's recently announced Infoscape, which is designed to discover, classify, and manage unstructured data (See "EMC software automates ILM").

The IS platforms run a specialized version of Red Hat Linux and Kazeon's software on Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers. Network Appliance OEMs the IS1200 and is expected to announce its own versions of the new products by January.

Available next month, the IS1200-ECS will cost $80,000; the IS1200-SA, $60,000; and the IS1200-FRM will be priced between $40,000 and $50,000.

This article was originally published on September 22, 2006