FilesX adds true CDP

By Ann Silverthorn

—At last week's Storage World Conference in Boston, FilesX introduced the 3.0 version of XpressRestore, which now features "true" continuous data protection (CDP) as a complement to frequent or scheduled snapshots. The company claims recovery time in minutes, especially for Microsoft Exchange, Internet servers, and databases. The software can be custom-tuned by application.

FilesX previously offered "near-CDP" with its CDP on Demand feature. XpressRestore recorded every change at the block level and then took application-consistent snapshots with unlimited frequency (see "FilesX offers CDP on demand").

XpressRestore now offers block-level CDP with restore levels for file, volume, or system. It performs one full backup and then incremental backups during which only changes to the data are recorded. The software provides the ability to store multiple versions of files.

As a disk-based backup product, FilesX recommends capacity of about 2.5x the amount of data being backed up. That gives a company three to six months' worth of data storage. They can then use FilesX Remote Office Protection or XpressRestore LT (Long-Term) to migrate the data to less-expensive storage.

Users can also configure the CDP window so they can recover to any pre-determined point. The restore function allows users to choose a recovery point when their data was consistent before performing the restore. The user interface displays consistency points and events, such as the close of a quarter. XpressRestore also offers bare-metal restores.

FilesX also offers XchangeRestore, which allows users to restore their own Exchange files without administrator intervention.

XpressRestore costs between $1,750 and $2,000 per server.

This article was originally published on September 27, 2006