EqualLogic adds SAS to IP SANs

By Kevin Komiega

Adoption of iSCSI-based IP SANs is picking up, as are iSCSI-related product announcements. For example, EqualLogic last month introduced a new series of disk arrays that feature high-performance Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives and tiered storage functions. Also, StoneFly rolled out a new iSCSI SAN with support for 10Gbps Ethernet and clustering software for high availability.

In addition to supporting SAS drives, EqualLogic’s PS3000 series of storage arrays includes a new version of the company’s operating platform-PS Series Version 3.0. The combination of the SAS option and new software allows PS3000-based IP SANs to be configured with multiple storage tiers under one management interface. The goal is to link specific applications to different classes of drives.

The PS3000 extends the PS family beyond EqualLogic’s core Serial ATA (SATA) product line with two SAS-based arrays: the PS3800XV with 15,000rpm, 146GB drives, and a capacity of 2.4TB; and the PS3600X with 10,000rpm, 300GB drives, and 4.8TB of total capacity.

The PS3000 arrays continually optimize data placement according to application behavior, including automatic load-balancing across disks, RAID levels, and network connections within each tier. The systems also enable online data movement between tiers of storage, allowing data to move from one tier to another without disruption.

John Joseph, EqualLogic’s vice president of marketing, says the company’s IP SAN systems are finding the most success in environments where users are migrating from direct-attached storage (DAS) to a SAN architecture. Approximately 70% of EqualLogic’s customers are using the arrays to move to IP SANs, while the remaining 30% are either replacing older SANs or moving from NAS architectures, according to Joseph.

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The PS3800XV and the PS3600X are priced from $65,000.

In other IP SAN news, StoneFly, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, introduced the “Integrated-High Availability Storage Concentrator” (HSC), a new line of IP SANs with support for 10Gbps Ethernet connectivity as well as cluster mirrors for redundancy.

Designed as an IP SAN-in-a-box, StoneFly’s HSC-1420 scales up to 10.5TB per chassis and features hardware-based mirroring.

For more redundancy, HSC-1420 systems can be augmented with StoneFly’s i3000 Storage Concentrator, which can take over services in case of a failure on the built-in engine. A second HSC-1420 can also be added for increased redundancy.

Each HSC-1420 array includes SATA disk drives and RAID levels 1, 5, 6, and 10. Options include disk-to-disk backup/recovery and continuous data protection (CDP) features.

HSC-1420 pricing starts at $18,800, including Snapshot and Reflection synchronous mirroring software, block-level virtualization, clustering, and the StoneFusion 5.0 operating platform.

This article was originally published on October 01, 2006