iQstor ships 4Gbps array for SMBs

By Kevin Komiega

—iQstor Networks announced the availability of a disk array for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) this week in the form of the 4Gbps iQ2880 Fibre Channel storage system.

The iQ2880 includes a variety of embedded software tools, some of which are included in the price of the system while others are available through separate licensing fees. The array comes with volume management-based virtualization, snapshots, mirroring, remote replication, storage provisioning, and policy management capabilities.

According to iQstor's director of marketing, Albert Saraie, users have the option of enabling more-advanced storage features via a wizard-based configuration and management GUI. The iQ2880 can be scaled using the J2880 SBOD expansion enclosure to create a tiered architecture with Fibre Channel drives for primary storage and low-cost Serial ATA (SATA) drives for secondary storage.

The iQ2880's drive canisters include a Fibre Channel-SATA bridge module that allows high-capacity SATA-II drives to be used side-by-side with Fibre Channel drives within the same enclosure. Each iQ2880 supports up to 15 drives, providing 4.5TB of capacity using 300GB Fibre Channel drives or 11.25TB using 750GB SATA-II drives. The systems can scale to 72TB with Fibre Channel or 180TB with SATA-II drives.

The iQ2880 storage system is available now through iQstor's network of channel partners. Pricing for the iQ2880 varies by configuration and software features. For example, a 1.2TB configuration with volume manager-based virtualization software and System Manager is priced from $12,995.

iQstor's announcement is just the latest in a spate of disk arrays sporting 4Gbps Fibre Channel host connections. Other recent introductions include those from EMC (see "EMC overhauls storage systems"), Pillar Data (see "Pillar Data stretches out from midrange"), and Overland (see "Overland RAID array supports SAS").

This article was originally published on October 26, 2006