Symantec opens up APIs

By Ann Silverthorn

—In a move enabling intelligent disk devices to integrate natively with NetBackup, Symantec has developed the NetBackup OpenStorage API. The integration will allow users to manage backups and related disk devices through one interface.

Nine partners have received the code for testing and developing plug-ins, includinig Copan, Data Domain, Diligent, EMC, FalconStor Software, Quantum, Network Appliance, Sepaton, and Sun. Symantec also offers training and joint engineering to ensure a qualified solution for end users.

Symantec says major backup applications haven't provided a purpose-built API for integration, so it's been difficult for intelligent disk backup devices to offer functionality beyond basic interoperability.

"The integration will allow users to leverage capabilities inherent in intelligent disk devices, such as replication and single-instance storage," says Mike Adams, senior group manager for NetBackup product marketing at Symantec.

Customers will have the choice of doing basic disk backup or virtual tape backup, or will be able to use the OpenStorage API to tie in with their intelligent disk devices that offer replication and single-instance storage (or data de-duplication).

The OpenStorage API will enable the following disk-based backup features:

  • A single NetBackup policy layer and catalog to control both backup and recovery;
  • Backup and recovery to intelligent disk devices over Fibre Channel or IP connections;
  • Single-instance storage capabilities on backup devices;
  • Backup-image replication between multiple data centers for disaster recovery or electronic vaulting, eliminating the need to ship, encrypt, or store tapes;
  • Duplication of backup images from disk devices to tape for long-term archiving;
  • More data-classification intelligence to allow users to move data to lower-cost media as it ages;
  • Disk sharing, allowing a pool of disks to be shared by multiple NetBackup Media servers; and
  • Virtualization, allowing Media Server load-balancing and fail-over.

The OpenStorage API will be included in NetBackup 6.5, which is due in the first half of 2007.

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This article was originally published on November 16, 2006