Data migration: Acronis comes full circle

By Ann Silverthorn

—Acronis recently launched Full Circle, a software application designed to allow organizations to migrate an entire server's data to any other physical or virtual server and back again if necessary. The software can also migrate data from one volume to another within the same device for load-balancing purposes.

"With an average server lifespan of 18 months, organizations are constantly tasked to upgrade their hardware without jeopardizing their data," says Walter Scott, CEO at Acronis.

Full Circle is based on FAST (Fast Accurate Simple Transmission) "virtually aware" engine technology that customizes the data being migrated to the criteria of its new environment. FAST is also the underlying architecture for Acronis' True Image backup software.

"A patented snapshot technology is the basis for the FAST engine," says Ed Harnish, vice president of marketing for Acronis. "It's fast because it images the operating system, applications, and files, rather than migrating file-by-file. Full Circle can initiate the migration and move all the data over to the virtual environment while users are online."

Acronis Full Circle provides the following additional features:

  • Support for multiple hardware platforms and operating systems, including both 32- and 64-bit servers and VMware, Microsoft, and Parallels virtual environments;
  • Wizard-based controls that allow users to customize the migration process and migrate and entire system or specific files to another server; and
  • When used with Acronis True Image, which takes a snapshot of a server for backup, Full Circle can migrate the backup image to a new server.

Once data has been moved from server to server with Full Circle, organizations can continue to back up and restore both their physical and virtual servers using True Image.

Harnish says Acronis competes with vendors such as PlateSpin, Leostream, and VMware.

Full Circle will be available in late December. Pricing is based on a conversion model or a host model. The conversion model is priced at $199 per conversion. The host operating system model (e.g., VMware ESX server) is priced at $999 with unlimited conversions.

Acronis introduced Full Circle at the recent VMworld conference in Los Angeles. For more information on other storage-related products introduced or demonstrated at VMworld see Virtualization: Product highlights from VMworld.

This article was originally published on November 17, 2006