Lakeview ships CDP for System p

By Dave Simpson

—Lakeview Technology, which is known primarily for its data-protection/recovery software for IBM platforms, this week began shipping continuous data protection (CDP) functionality for its flagship MIMIX software portfolio. The CDP code is specifically for IBM's System p servers, which support AIX and Linux. (Lakeview already sells CDP for IBM's iSeries—formerly AS/400—platforms.)

The addition of CDP to the MIMIX portfolio will allow users to integrate CDP with replication, as well as with Lakeview's high-availability clustering/fail-over products.

"We see CDP as being part of a larger offering, as opposed to a stand-alone product," says Ed Vesely, Lakeview's vice president of marketing. This comment is in line with what analysts expect to be an eventual trend in the CDP space toward products that integrate CDP functionality with other data-protection functions such as replication, backup, etc.

This trend was highlighted last week by Symantec's acquisition of the intellectual property of Revivio, one of the early pioneers of CDP. Symantec will eventually integrate CDP with its NetBackup software to provide "enterprise CDP." (Symantec already offers "near CDP" in conjunction with its Backup Exec software.)

Unlike some other CDP-related products for System p platforms, Lakeview's implementation is host-based, as opposed to being appliance-based. Another differentiator, according to Lakeview officials, is that the CDP implementation is relatively easy to use and is designed for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs).

As opposed to "near-CDP" products (e.g., those based on pre-defined snapshots and a limited number of recovery points), Lakeview's implementation qualifies as "true CDP." The Gartner IT consulting firm defines CDP as disk-based technology that captures every data write and transfers the new data immediately to a protection server disk. And Gartner defines "true-CDP" solutions as those that enable any-point-in-time recovery of data.

Also on the CDP front, the Peripheral Concepts market research firm this week released the results of an end-user survey that focused on CDP. In one of the more-surprising results from the survey, given that CDP is still in its infancy stages, 43% of the respondents said that they have implemented some form of CDP (which was up from 34% in a survey conducted last year). For more information on the Peripheral Concepts CDP survey, visit www.periconcepts.com.

Peripheral Concepts' CDP survey is in contrast to a survey conducted by International Data Corp. In IDC's survey, 27% of the respondents said they were using some type of CDP (compared to 21% in the previous year's survey), while another 29% said they were currently evaluating the technology; 20% plan to implement CDP within the next 12 months; and 14% had no plans to implement or evaluate CDP products.

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This article was originally published on November 30, 2006