NTP addresses encryption

By Ann Silverthorn

—NTP Software this week released Encryption Sentinel, software that protects data from being copied or read by unencrypted clients. The software allows organizations to designate sensitive data on their storage hosts and then create rules to protect that data.

NTP doesn't develop the encryption software; rather, Encryption Sentinel monitors whether encryption is in place. The software integrates with users' existing encryption schemes.

Patrick Hynds, a senior architect at NTP, explains that the software runs in the lower level—or file level—of the operating system. This allows the software to prevent someone from copying a file if policies do not authorize that activity.

Hynds says that Encryption Sentinel will be of most interest to the financial, government, and manufacturing markets—especially in product design for the automotive industry.

"There are two categories of information," says Hynds. "There's information about your company and information about your customers. It's catastrophic if you lose your own data, but if you lose your customers' data, it's beyond catastrophic. It's potentially criminal."

The first release of Encryption Sentinel will work with SANs—anything that is front-ended by a Windows server. Support for Network Appliance filers will be available in Q1 2007.

Encryption Sentinel is priced per storage host and per user, with quantity pricing as low as $10 per user.

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This article was originally published on December 01, 2006