LSI Logic buys StoreAge

By Dave Simpson

LSI Logic completed its acquisition of StoreAge Networking Technologies this month in a deal valued at approximately $50 million in cash. Once the integration work is completed, LSI will offer StoreAge’s virtualization and copy services software to OEMs of its Engenio Storage Group division. Engenio OEMs include vendors such as IBM, Sun, and SGI.

Steve Gardner Director of product marketing LSI's Engenio Group
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However, Steve Gardner, director of product marketing in LSI’s Engenio Group, says that LSI will also continue StoreAge’s existing distribution strategies. StoreAge has OEM deals with vendors such as McData and QLogic, reseller deals with vendors such as CA, and other VAR relationships. LSI does not plan to sell the software direct to end users.

Gardner says that the motivating factor behind the acquisition was for LSI/Engenio to enhance its software offerings in particular, copy services applications. StoreAge sells the Storage Virtualization Manager (SVM), an out-of-path virtualization platform that provides virtual volume management, and a variety of copy services software, including the following:

  • multiView, a low-capacity snapshot application that creates multiple read/write point-in-time image copies of virtualized volumes on SAN devices;
  • multiCopy data replication software;
  • multiMirror software for disaster recovery via local/remote asynchronous/synchronous mirroring; and
  • multiMigrate, a tool for migrating volumes from one storage device to another.

StoreAge’s software is based on a split-path architecture that separates the control path from the management path.

LSI/Engenio already sells copy services software for snapshots, remote mirroring, and volume copying, but Gardner says that the company will probably offer two lines of copy services software-“basic” line based on its existing code and an “advanced” line based on the StoreAge software.

StoreAge was a privately held company with headquarters in Nesher, Israel, and a US office in Irvine, CA.

This article was originally published on December 01, 2006