DataCore targets SMBs with DR, BC

By Ann Silverthorn

—DataCore Software announced this week that it has expanded its Virtual Infrastructure Foundation to provide disaster recovery and business continuity for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The software offers thin-provisioning to automate and optimize storage capacity, SANmotion features to simplify data migration, and storage performance acceleration software. Also included are auto-fail-over, auto-recovery, and IP SAN mirroring protection services.

The SANmelody Virtual Infrastructure Foundation is an IP SAN, which leverages existing networks. Announced at the VMworld and Storage Networking World shows last fall, SANmelody offers I/O caching and performance acceleration.

Bundled as a disaster-recovery or business continuity package, each protects two separately located SANmelody virtual storage servers capable of supporting up to 3TB storage pools each. Automated thin-provisioning of virtual capacity and SANmotion data migration software are included in both packages.

SANmotion data migration services enable users to migrate live Windows data disks over a SAN. The feature facilitates virtual server deployments and allows data to be accessed, re-purposed, or moved from one system to another across an IP SAN.

The disaster-recovery package automatically mirrors critical business data over a LAN or WAN link to a remote site. Mirroring in this package is asynchronous, and Fibre Channel support and snapshots are optional.

The business continuity package features auto-fail-over, and mirrors, protects, and manages mission-critical data. The business continuity package supports synchronous mirroring, and auto-recovery services over a LAN or IP SAN network between buildings, campuses, or metropolitan distances.

The software supports VMware, Windows, NetWare, Linux, and Unix, as well as iSCSI and, optionally, Fibre Channel connectivity or a mix of both.

The Virtual Infrastructure disaster-recovery and business continuity packages are each priced at under $10,000 and include a year of customer support.

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This article was originally published on January 20, 2007