Packeteer speeds storage apps over WANs

By Kevin Komiega

—Packeteer has announced a software upgrade for its SkyX Accelerator 750 WAN appliance that is intended to make better use of WAN links in support of high-capacity backup-and-disaster recovery operations. The company is also applying its TCP tweaking technology to mobile and remote user applications with the debut of a new data access product.

Bulk data transfers often run into TCP protocol constraints over WAN links, resulting in wasted bandwidth. Packeteer's technology overcomes TCP lag to make full use of the pipes. Mark Urban, director of product marketing, claims the SkyX Accelerator 750 can increase data-transfer speeds over large WAN links by up to 200 times depending on WAN latency levels.

"Large enterprises have multiple data centers for disaster-recovery purposes, and they often synchronize all of their information between locations with mirroring, replication, and backup technologies. The problem is that these processes are constrained by TCP protocols," says Urban. "We provide acceleration at higher capacities to overcome these problems."

According to Urban, the SkyX Accelerator 750 speeds backup and disaster-recovery processes up to 622Mbps over OC12/STM4 WAN links.

In addition to the SkyX upgrade, Packeteer has integrated its Mobiliti and SkyX technologies to deliver a product for file and TCP-based application acceleration and automated desktop backup for mobile and remote workers. The company's Mobiliti 7.0 software provides offline access to centralized file servers by automatically caching recently used file shares so remote users have access to data even without a network connection.

"The challenge that Mobiliti 7.0 addresses is that a substantial number of mobile and home office users face hurdles when they're trying to keep data backed up and protected, and accessing enterprise file shares," says Urban. "With this announcement we're adding application acceleration to address a wide range of latency issues that affect any application that uses TCP."

Mobiliti 7.0 gives remote users real-time access to centralized e-mail, Web, and file sharing applications. The software features a choice of backup target locations that includes FTP and WebDAV servers, in addition to traditional file server locations. Mobiliti 7.0 also automates the configuration and backup of local desktop directories and files.

The SkyX Accelerator 750 is available in both 311Mbps and 622Mbps versions. Pricing for the appliances starts at $52,000 and $60,000, respectively.

Mobiliti 7.0 is available as a free upgrade to existing Mobiliti users and is currently in the beta testing phase. Commercial availability is scheduled for next month.

This article was originally published on February 27, 2007