BakBone adds MySQL module

By Ann Silverthorn

—BakBone Software this week released its NetVault: Backup APM (Application Plugin Module) for MySQL v.3.0 software. The module is designed to provide automated and simplified administration capabilities for MySQL applications, and it supports MySQL 5.0, MySQL Replication, and MySQL Enterprise Edition.

When BakBone surveyed its customers recently, it found that 25% of MySQL users weren't backing up their databases, which sometimes requires a database administrator (DBA) with advanced understanding of the MySQL architecture and internal processes. Of the DBAs that were backing up MySQL databases, 61% of them used scripting to do so.

Disadvantages of scripting, according to BakBone officials, include limitations on the types of backups that can be performed and an inability to identify tables and their related databases that might not have been backed up properly.

The new module allows DBAs to set policies to perform full, incremental, or differential backups even while MySQL is running. After the policies are set, senior DBAs can offload the remaining routine tasks to junior administrators.

Full backups capture all the database information. Incrementals back up the binary logs since the last full or incremental backup and then purge them at the end of the backup. Differentials back up the binary logs generated since the last full backup but do not purge them at the end of the backup. Not purging the logs results in faster restores.

NetVault: Backup APM for MySQL v.3.0 restores entire instances, individual databases, or individual tables. It restores only what is needed to speed up restores and reduce downtime.

In addition to reduced complexity, the GUI allows "consolidated backups." Once the DBA sets up a backup and recovery strategy, the APM consolidated backup automates the process into one storage engine. If an organization has several storage engines, such as Federated, Berkley (BKB), Archive and CSV, the module applies the backup and recovery strategy to all of the engines. Some software products require command line interfaces (CLIs) to accomplish this.

The MySQL APM license costs $1,075 in addition to the NetVault: Backup license, which ranges from $695 for the entry-level version to $7,995 for the enterprise version.

This article was originally published on March 03, 2007