Isilon fills out clustered-storage software suite

By Ann Silverthorn

—Isilon this week added a new migration software product and an upgraded version of its replication software. Both MigrationIQ and SyncIQ run on the company's OneFS operating system and IQ family of clustered-storage systems. Isilon introduced two other software applications—SnapshotIQ and SmartConnect—in October.

MigrationIQ is a tiered clustered-storage tool that automatically moves data from high-performance, Tier-1 IQ systems to lower-cost, high-capacity, Tier-2 IQ systems. MigrationIQ leverages the OneFS operating system to set migration policies across the entire cluster, individual directories, or sub-directories. Storage administrators can choose from approximately 20 policies to migrate data based on file attributes such as access time and file type, age, or size.

Since MigrationIQ is "cluster-aware," all nodes in the cluster participate in migration projects, so no single node causes a bottleneck. The application also features a pre-migration tool that allows storage administrators to test migration jobs before they actually run them.

SyncIQ 2.0 offers asynchronous file-based replication, primarily for disaster recovery and disk-to-disk backup. Like MigrationIQ, it is cluster-aware, so all nodes send data simultaneously over the LAN or WAN to a receiving target cluster. SyncIQ's policy engine allows users to set policies to determine which data should be replicated.

SyncIQ 2.0 includes scalability enhancements to handle large and complex directory structures that contain millions of files, with a "restart" capability that resumes replication jobs at the point where they left off should an unexpected interruption occur.

MigrationIQ is priced at $3,950 per node for IQ 1920/3000/6000 systems, and $1,950 per node for the recently introduced IQ 200. SyncIQ is a free upgrade for existing SyncIQ customers. New licenses cost $4,950 per node for IQ 1920/3000/6000 systems, or $2,950 per node for the IQ 200.

Isilon designs its clustered storage hardware and software primarily for digital content and unstructured data applications. Citing Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research, Isilon says 58% of all new data is in the form of digital content, which is growing at a CAGR of 92%. The company focuses on seven markets that generate large amounts of digital content and unstructured data: cable and telecommunications, federal government, Internet, life sciences, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

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This article was originally published on March 06, 2007