Solix extends archiving software

By Ann Silverthorn

—Solix has broadened the scope of its archiving software and has re-christened it as the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite. The suite addresses both compliance and information lifecycle management (ILM) with four components: Secure Test and Development, Data Auditor, Enterprise Archiving, and Application Sunsetting and Migration.

"We used to focus on archiving Oracle databases," says Julie Lockner, vice president of sales operations at Solix, "but with this release we've extended that capability so that customers can have one tool to manage multiple database applications, e-mail, and unstructured data in the area of compliance and ILM."

The first compliance-related component, Secure Test and Development, ensures the security of database copies being tested. For example, human resources or patient-record databases contain sensitive information, and Secure Test and Development masks sensitive data in non-production environments.

The second compliance-related component, Data Auditor, monitors and reports on archived data that has been accessed, updated, or deleted. It's a policy-driven security tool that provides event notification and reporting of database activity, and can be searched during and audit or e-discovery inquiry.

On the ILM side, ARCHIVEjinni has been renamed Enterprise Archiving and has expanded support to cover all database platforms. It archives all data to a searchable archive, laying a foundation to support e-discovery.

The other ILM-related component, Application Sunsetting and Migration, leverages Solix Metadata Manager and allows database administrators to map metadata between legacy and current applications and create conversion rules to ensure seamless data migration. Customers who are migrating several legacy applications to a single platform can use Application Sunsetting and Migration to sunset or migrate those legacy applications. Or they can leverage that functionality as part of a broader enterprise data-management initiative.

Prices range from $100,000 to $400,000 for the components of Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite, which can be purchased separately. For the mid-market, the entry level can be as low as $60,000.

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This article was originally published on March 19, 2007