Moonwalk enters US with ILM software

By Ann Silverthorn

—Moonwalk, an Australian developer of data management and protection software, made its US debut this week with the introduction of the Moonwalk 6.0 information lifecycle management (ILM) software suite. The software is designed to automatically, proactively, and transparently manage the migration, copying, and movement of data throughout the enterprise.

"We use the term ILM broadly," says Peter Harvey, Moonwalk's CEO. "It's more of a philosophy and a concept. The actual execution is distributed and takes place in the network. It can be as sledgehammer or granular as you want. There are no changes to extensions, and no middleware, database, or index."

Moonwalk's goal is to reduce primary storage by moving storage volumes to lower-cost file systems, tape systems, or secure compliance devices.

The software combines user-defined data-management classification and migration policies for information on networked storage, servers, and clients. In addition to moving data between primary storage and lower-cost devices, Moonwalk also provides data classification and intelligent management of files across all major file systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux, and NetWare environments.

The Moonwalk Eagle is a management component of the suite. Eagle is a Web application that allows administrators to set policies to move, copy, migrate, or "de-migrate" data.

Moonwalk does not intend to displace traditional backup-and-recovery software and is compatible with most backup solutions. By applying policies according to file age or attributes, Moonwalk officials claim that companies can reduce their primary storage by 50% to 90%. Accordingly, they'll streamline the backup process because there is less data to back up.

Moonwalk's architecture uses small-footprint agents, each with its own NFS client, that execute the policies from a centralized management location.

Moonwalk 6.0 is priced from $4,000 per node.

This article was originally published on March 27, 2007