Arsenal Digital services target SMBs

By Ann Silverthorn

—Arsenal Digital will announce two new services on Monday that will offer new strategies for achieving data-protection and disaster-recovery objectives. RapidProtect and RapidRecover join the company's ViaRemote offering, which is disk-based data protection targeted to remote and distributed environments.

Arsenal Digital has tailored its ViaRemote data-protection service mostly to large telcos and hosting partners, but it wants to expand to VARs and systems integrators. In addition, the company has targeted large enterprises in the past, but intends to expand to the small and mid-sized business (SMB) segment.

"We can help SMBs protect distributed data outside of data centers," says Brian Reagan, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Arsenal Digital. "There tends to be less protection the further from the corporate data center that you go. Some IT managers, realizing that only 60% to 70% of their backup jobs are successful, are turning to outside service providers to improve backup statistics."

For the first new service-line extension, RapidProtect, Arsenal Digital dispatches an appliance and a technician to the customer's site. The data is backed up to the appliance and the technician brings the appliance back to one of Arsenal Digital's data centers.
Subsequent backups to RapidProtect are incremental and avoid consuming WAN and LAN bandwidth. RapidProtect is designed for environments with 50GB to 300GB of data.

With RapidRecover, Arsenal Digital claims 100% recovery of lost data for individual servers or entire sites. Data can be restored at the original office location or at a separate disaster-recovery site. RapidRecover's targeted data-delivery time is 72 hours.

Arsenal Digital also plans to deliver usability enhancements in ViaRemote for PCs that further enable users to reduce costs and optimize staff resources. SMBs and SOHOs have many of the same data-protection problems that enterprises do, but do not have the same staff resources. ViaRemote for PC aims to provide enterprise-level data protection in a package that is easy for an end user to understand. Enhancements include simplified installation and setup, improved backup functionality, and better IT policy controls.

RapidProtect and RapidRecover are priced at $1,500 and $2,500 per terabyte, respectively. The ViaRemote service costs approximately $10 per gigabyte per month.

This article was originally published on April 04, 2007