The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) recently announced the Cloud Backup and Recovery (BUR) Special Interest Group (SIG), a project within SNIA’s Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI).

The goals of the Cloud BUR SIG are to promote adoption of cloud storage, educate the end-user community through best practices and use cases and by defining requirements for cloud storage, and to promote standards such as the SNIA CSI’s Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI), according to Ashar Baig, chair of the Cloud BUR SIG (and senior director of product marketing at Asigra).

In addition to Asigra, founding members of the SNIA Cloud BUR SIG include EMC, NetApp, i365, Iron Mountain, CoreVault, TeraSky, EVS, Terremark Worldwide, HMK and Recovery Networks.

Although currently comprised mostly of vendors and third-party services providers, Baig says the group is interested in getting end users and industry analysts to participate in the Cloud BUR SIG. Membership is free.

In developing a definition for cloud backup and recovery, the Cloud BUR SIG identified the following characteristics:

–Shared infrastructure
–User transparency
–Scalable and “resource elastic”
–Pay-as-you-go pricing
–Accessibility as a loosely-coupled service
–Economies of scale

For more information, visit the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative site.

You can follow SNIA’s cloud storage activities on Twitter:

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