Onaro ties applications to storage performance

By Kevin Komiega

—Onaro has added to its SANscreen family of storage resource management and monitoring software with the debut of software that directly links storage resources with application requirements.

The company recently introduced SANscreen Application Insight 2.0, a tool that combines storage infrastructure utilization data with application path awareness to draw a complete map of storage resource utilization and efficiency from a given application down to the underlying storage arrays.

Using Application Insight 2.0, administrators can analyze storage tier assignments, load-balance their applications, and prevent application outages, which, according to Onaro's vice president of marketing Bryan Semple, can result in lower capital costs through improved storage resource utilization and higher application service levels.

"With this version of the software we're tying application requirements together with storage performance," says Semple. "By aligning the infrastructure with the applications, users can look at all of the hosts and determine which of them have the least or no traffic."

SANscreen Application Insight applies a number of different techniques in order to understand an application's path to the storage environment, as well as device performance.

Application Insight provides historical performance and throughput information to validate where data resides in tiered storage architectures. The software also collects port performance information across all the ports in the SAN and aggregates host-specific information, including port throughput, errors, and traffic-balance ratios between paths.

SANscreen Application Insight 2.0 is priced from $70 per port.

This article was originally published on May 02, 2007