Akorri links VMware to storage resources

By Kevin Komiega

—This week, Akorri released a new version of its flagship management software, specifically aimed at improving application performance and storage resource utilization in VMware environments.

Akorri's BalancePoint 1.5 provides cross-domain management for applications running on VMware, in addition to the software's existing storage management, monitoring, and analysis tools. BalancePoint provides visibility into server and storage resources to help resolve performance problems and improve service levels. The new version of the software also introduces support for Oracle database mapping.

BalancePoint 1.5 includes Examiner and Analyzer modules, which are integrated on a rack-mount appliance.

According to Akorri's vice president of marketing Tom Joyce, the popularity of VMware's server virtualization technologies has spawned a need for a broader set of tools for managing application and storage resources in IT environments. "We have additional capabilities for storage in BalancePoint 1.5 to give users a set of capabilities for managing service levels for applications running on VMware," he says.

BalancePoint software can help users understand the physical and logical relationships between applications and how they are supported by their underlying storage platforms.

Joyce believes users are starting to realize that the storage network is becoming a bottleneck in the data center as vendors and users begin to redefine the limits of what servers are capable of doing.

"BalancePoint can automatically paint a number of different kinds of pictures of all of the components and how they are linked to applications to identify underutilized resources or other inefficiencies," says Joyce.

BalancePoint Examiner for VMware provides visibility into the server and storage resources that are being used by applications running on VMware and supplies users with performance information for ESX Server and virtual machine guests. Joyce says BalancePoint Examiner can help administrators troubleshoot and resolve VMware application performance issues.

The other piece of the puzzle, BalancePoint Analyzer for VMware, can identify points of resource contention and assess the impact of infrastructure changes, provide specific recommendations for improving application service levels, and analyze performance and capacity utilization over time, keeping track of metrics even as virtual machines are migrated to different servers using VMotion.

Akorri also introduced BalancePoint Examiner for Oracle, which maps elements of an Oracle database to the storage infrastructure; GuidePoint Dynamic Thresholds, which predicts performance 48 hours into the future based on historical behavior; and GuidePoint Storage Analysis, which uses analytics to assess storage system utilization and performance to help match application workloads to the storage resources.

This article was originally published on May 08, 2007