Reldata enhances virtual OS

By Ann Silverthorn

—Reldata has upgraded its storage virtualization software, RELvos Version 2.0, with 64-bit performance designed to boost the company's unified storage systems' throughput to be comparable to more-expensive alternatives, at a much lower total cost of ownership, according to company officials. In fact, the company claims its model 9240 Unified Storage Gateway with RELvos 2.0 software provides the performance of a NetApp V6070 at the price of a V3020.

The RELvos Virtualization Operating System is purpose-built to deliver unified storage services—block-level iSCSI SAN and file-level NAS. The combination of the 9000 series of virtualization appliances and RELvos software lets organizations expand both application-based SAN and file-based NAS storage capacity to meet user demand, consolidate under-utilized storage assets, and ensure data availability with WAN replication.

Reldata CEO Boris Anderer says the RELvos block-level SAN virtualization platform provisions parallel and concurrent iSCSI targets and NAS file systems. The iSCSI requests are processed at the block level and they bypass file system virtualization, thereby improving performance.

"The RELvos OS allows users to add not only RAID arrays, but also cost-efficient JBODs," says Anderer, "and the open storage connectivity lets administrators re-deploy existing storage investments and avoid vendor lock-in."

The platforms support RAID 1, 4, 5, and 6 and provision RAID 0 as virtual volume-striping to provide high performance and capacity utilization for connected storage. RELvos also allows unlimited block-level volume snapshots and snap "clones" for rapid recovery over WANs.

"With the 9240, we have the ability to tree and trunk up to four Gigabit Ethernet ports," says Anderer. "In testing, we achieved more than 300MBps, exceeding 2Gbps Fibre Channel network performance."

After recent performance testing of the 9240 Unified Storage Gateway with RELvos 2.0, Reldata claims its IOPS throughput for CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI is equivalent or better than the high-end NetApp V6070 virtualization platforms.

MSRP for the 9240 Unified Storage Gateway with RELvos V2.0 is $34,485 for a fully featured appliance.

This article was originally published on May 22, 2007