MonoSphere software manages EMC arrays

By Kevin Komiega

—MonoSphere has added deeper support for capacity management and planning in EMC storage environments with the launch of Storage Horizon 3.2, a tool that maps storage usage from application hosts down to storage subsystems.

Storage Horizon now supports EMC's Clariion product family and Symmetrix replication tools, including Business Continuance Volumes (BCV) and Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF).

Storage Horizon 3.2 maps the associations between host volumes and their RAID levels, storage array logical devices and their RAID levels, and replication levels supported by BCV and SRDF, all in an effort to determine current and forecasted usage of arrays.

MonoSphere's aim is to give administrators more-accurate information about storage allocation and utilization with an eye toward reclaiming unused capacity and ultimately making better purchasing decisions. According to MonoSphere's test results, the information provided by Storage Horizon 3.2 can help users cut capacity purchases by as much as 50%.

"The overall cost of IT in the majority of mid-to-large organizations is growing faster than the IT budget. This is leading to projects being delayed or canceled because there is no money left over after paying the storage bill," says Frank Kettenstock, MonoSphere's vice president of marketing.

Storage Horizon automates data collection, forecasting, analysis, and storage capacity management. From this information, the software automatically develops capacity plans and analyzes heterogeneous storage infrastructures to determine areas of over-provisioning, under-provisioning, and unused storage.

Pricing for Storage Horizon 3.2 is based on the number of terabytes managed.

This article was originally published on May 23, 2007