EMC upgrades virtual tape libraries

By Kevin Komiega

—EMC this week added two new systems to its family of virtual tape libraries (VTL) in the form of the EMC Disk Library DL6100 and DL6300, both of which are aimed at end users looking to consolidate multiple, smaller VTLs on one platform.

The new EMC Disk Library 6000 series scales up to 1.8PB of usable compressed capacity in a single system and can back up more than 11TB of data per hour. The 6000 series currently offers hardware compression, but users seeking data de-duplication capabilities will have to wait until early 2008, which is when EMC says data de-dupe will be made available across its entire family of disk libraries.

EMC boosted the scalability of its new libraries by basing the DL6000 series on the Symmetrix DMX-3 platform versus the midrange Clariion, which serves as back-end storage for the company's other VTL systems.

The EMC DL6100 supports up to 1,440 disk drives in a single system and offers RAID-5 protection with a maximum usable uncompressed capacity of 615TB and up to 1.845PB of compressed capacity. The EMC DL6300 supports up to 2,400 disk drives in a single system and offers RAID-1 protection with a maximum uncompressed capacity of 584TB, and up to 1.752PB of compressed capacity.

EMC's Disk Library family touts consolidated media management that gives customers control of their entire tape pool through a single application interface, thereby eliminating some of the redundant management tasks commonly associated with managing multiple VTLs in traditional deployment scenarios. The libraries also feature Active Engine Failover, which kicks in when a processor engine fails. Active Engine Failover enables automatic fail-over to the second processor engine so that the disk library system is able to continue servicing the backup server or application.

The EMC Disk Library 6000 series is scheduled to be available from EMC and its partners next month.

This article was originally published on May 25, 2007