Wikibon and predictive markets

As storage professionals, you may already be aware of, or may be participating in, a couple of relatively new Websites/projects, but in case you’re not, we encourage you to check out www.wikibon.org and www.storagemarkets.com.

According to the Wikibon Website, “Wikibon is a community of practitioners, consultants and researchers dedicated to improving the adoption of technology and business systems through an open-source sharing of free advisory knowledge.” For now, their strong suit is storage, although they plan to expand into other IT areas.

Wikibon brings together end users, consultants/analysts, vendors, and storage channel professionals in an effort to collaborate on projects and share ideas about how to analyze, design, implement, and adopt storage technologies and strategies. The organization was founded by former IDC and Meta Group executives.

As the name implies, Wikibon brings the fundamental concepts of Wikipedia to the storage community, and the emphasis is on “community.” In addition to having a wealth of content on its Website, Wikibon hosts weekly teleconferences on key industry issues, encouraging participation from users, integrators, and vendors. The results are published in the group’s Peer Incite Newsletters. (Wikibon executives also contribute to InfoStor’s Website and print edition. For example, see “Data classification: Use brains not brawn,” p. 33, by Wikibon’s David Vellante and Fred Moore.)

Another interesting site is Storage Markets, which uses a technique called “predictive markets” to predict trends and transitions in the storage industry. Answers to questions are “traded,” similar to real-world stocks, by storage professionals, including vendors, analysts/consultants, end users, and channel participants. “IPOs” (questions) are launched, and participants use “Bits” instead of currency to “trade.” Essentially, it’s an alternative to more-traditional methods of predicting trends, such as vendor-side market research and end-user surveys.

Because of their uniqueness, both Wikibon and Storage Markets defy description, so if they sound interesting, check them out online and get involved.

InfoStor will be collaborating with both Wikibon and Storage Markets in an effort to create an interactive storage community that goes beyond traditional print publications and Websites.

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This article was originally published on June 01, 2007