Backup software targets ROBOs

By Dave Simpson

—Coming out of relative obscurity, ROBObak today introduced an integrated suite of backup/recovery/archive software consisting of its eponymous ROBObak software and a number of other existing and new modules. As the name suggests, the software is aimed at remote offices and branch offices (ROBOs).

The suite consists of

  • ROBObak backup/restore software;
  • Open File Manager, which backs up active files;
  • Encryption Manager, which has up to 448-bit AES encryption; and
  • ROBOark archiving system with retention rules.

Open File Manager has been shipping through the channel for about four years (and the company claims more than 10,000 customers); ROBObak and the encryption module have been available for about a year; and ROBOark, as well as the integrated suite, was officially released this week.

Other features include hot file backup, delta-blocking, agent-less installation and administration, disk-based backup, block-level data de-duplication, compression, centralized management, and bare-metal recovery. Another feature, dubbed Advanced File Crawl, gives IT administrators the ability to locate and protect any file type on any system throughout a LAN or remote offices within seconds. The software installs on a Windows platform on a local LAN, but can back up virtually all platforms, and once the initial backup is completed the software backs up only changed blocks.

Pricing for the core software begins at less than $2,000 for 200GB of capacity; a version for protecting 1TB is priced at slightly less than $10,000.

Atlanta-based ROBObak will sell the software solely through the channel and is recruiting channel partners.

This article was originally published on June 25, 2007