Hifn ships chip for secure replication

By Kevin Komiega

—Storage OEMs have a new option when it comes to choosing a processor for securing replication links without impacting performance. Storage and security silicon specialist Hifn this week announced the availability of the 4450 FlowThrough security processor for active-active replication, which combines data compression and encryption on a single processor.

According to Hifn vice president and CTO Russell Dietz, the 4450 offers three times the data rate with lower space and power requirements than some competing processors.

"The 4450 addresses the need for low-latency compression and security and enables OEMs to design replication solutions with denser port counts per replication module," says Dietz.

Hifn's customers include vendors such as EMC, Hewlett Packard, Network Appliance, and Sun Microsystems. Dietz says the 4450 is targeted at high-performance data-center and storage fabric applications and provides support for active-active and remote data facility replication.

The Hifn FlowThrough design enables integration into a variety of devices, including iSCSI HBAs, RAID controllers, storage arrays, and IP storage switches.

The 4450 is the second-generation security processor in Hifn's FlowThrough family. The chip provides simultaneous IPsec, IPcomp, and MACsec security processing. A single packet can be processed through all three of these protocols in a pipelined manner.

The 4450 supports four full-duplex 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces.

The control interface to the 4450 is typically achieved using in-band Ethernet frames via the host interface. An additional 100Mbps Ethernet RMII port allows for an optional out-of-band control port interface to the device; the RMII port may also be used to establish an inter-chip link or control path for multi-chip designs.

Hifn's 4450 FlowThrough security processor with active-active replication is priced at $80 in OEM volume quantities.

This article was originally published on July 17, 2007