EqualLogic delivers free snapshots

By Kevin Komiega

—EqualLogic added a new feature to its software stack this week with the launch of the Smart Copy function, a tool designed to help IT administrators create quick snapshots of Microsoft SQL Server databases and NTFS file systems in Windows environments.

The Smart Copy capability is included with the PS Series Auto-Snapshot Manager and is designed to work with the company's PS Series of iSCSI-based IP SANs to produce host-integrated snapshots, clones, and replicas of databases and file systems for development, testing, or recovery purposes.

"In the midrange market that we are selling into, the job function of most IT professionals is more than just sitting at a storage console all day. They don't have time to be dedicated to a terminal. We're moving up toward the application to enable them to quickly create a clone, or Smart Copy, of a database and store it locally or remotely," says John Joseph, vice president of marketing at EqualLogic.

EqualLogic's game plan is to get a leg up on competitors such as EMC and Network Appliance by making Smart Copy functionality available for free. Smart Copy, which will be available later this quarter as a standard feature with PS Series storage arrays, allows Windows IT administrators to improve the speed and reliability of database and file recovery and testing operations, according to Joseph.

The Smart Copy feature works with both Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and with third-party backup packages.

EqualLogic also announced a PS Series software enhancement that automates the setup of Multi-Path I/O (MPIO) on Windows servers. Joseph says the automated MPIO feature cuts the server administration time required to obtain the high availability and performance benefits of MPIO.

This article was originally published on July 18, 2007