SteelEye adds CDP to replication software

By Ann Silverthorn

—SteelEye this week released version 6 of LifeKeeper Protection Suite for Windows Server, which bundles LifeKeeper HA Clustering and SteelEye Data Replication. The suite provides high-availability clustering and replication for disaster recovery in both physical and virtual server environments.

The new version of SteelEye Data Replication incorporates a type of continuous data protection (CDP) that the company calls "any-point-in-time rewind," along with several other new features, providing data protection in the form of replication, rewind, and recovery functions.

The "any-point-in-time-rewind" feature is what sets it apart from come competing products, according to Bob Williamson, vice president of products for SteelEye.

"There are other products in the markets that have the ability to rewind," says Williamson. "The rewind function is the building block for CDP. But most of the other products on the market don't let users go forward and backward in time within the volume."

In the case of data corruption or data loss, users can build a temporary data set and test it. In doing so, they may decide they could get closer to the time that the corruption occurred, so they may want to advance through their data to a more recent point, build another data set, test it, and repeat that process until they can build the best data set.

To help users rewind and recover data from a replicated volume, a Data Recovery Wizard handles the complicated task of going into potentially tens of thousands of timestamps or bookmarks in the data stream and figuring out from where the user should restore the data. The wizard also understands if there is a relationship between volumes that necessitate their staying in synch. This is particularly important in Microsoft Exchange environments where one volume holds mail files and another holds the Exchange log files.

A third new feature for SteelEye Data Replication is its ability to support multiple copies of data being replicated at one time. If users want multiple disk-based copies of their data they can specify any number of targets, limited only by the bandwidth available to support the replication. The specified targets can be any combination of LAN or WAN servers, and the feature can be set up so users have both local and remote copies of the data.

SteelEye Data Replication is bundled with LifeKeeper HA Clustering in the LifeKeeper Protection Suite for Windows Server software. The suite is priced at $2,000 per server, with an annual support fee of $500.

This article was originally published on July 27, 2007