Asigra targets VMs with 64-bit software

By Ann Silverthorn

—With all the companies scrambling to virtualize their servers onto fewer physical machines, Asigra says it has the answer to the complications that result from backing up the virtual machines.

Asigra claims its agent-less Televaulting product is the first native 64-bit backup software for virtual machines. "It's not 32-bit software that can run on 64-bit hardware. The advantage is in performance and scalability," says Eran Farajun, Asigra's executive vice president of marketing.

According to Asigra officials, most backup-and-recovery software used today to protect virtualized server environments don't provide the same level of capabilities unless some compromises are made, such as backing up the entire physical server versus individual virtual machines.

"VMware has VCB [VMware Consolidated Backup], which is an API that tries to talk to backup agents that sit on proxy servers and siphon data off the virtual machines," says Farajun. "But there are limitations with VCB. It can't protect applications that run on virtual machines, such as SQL, Exchange, DB2, or GroupWise, which forces users to put an agent back on the virtual machine—taking them back to square one."

Televaulting allows a virtual machine to restore to a virtual machine. It can also back up from a physical machine and restore to a virtual machine, or back up from one physical machine to another. In addition, it can restore from one VM technology to another, such as from VMware to Virtual Iron or to Microsoft's virtualization software.

Additional features of the 64-bit version of Televaulting include

  • A pricing model based on the amount of compressed, de-duplicated data rather than on the number of servers;
  • Live VM backup, which allows administrators to back up virtual machines during production operations;
  • Centralized management of VM backup and recovery;
  • Compliance-ready VM backup with policy-based management, encryption, and near-instant recovery features for compliance with corporate policies and government regulations;
  • File-level recovery at the VM and guest OS level to extend mainstream backup abilities to virtual server environments; and
  • Bare-metal recovery.

Pricing is about $7,500 per terabyte of compressed, de-duplicated data. Entry-level pricing is approximately $11,250.

This article was originally published on August 02, 2007