Aptare adds capacity planning

By Kevin Komiega

—Software start-up Aptare is remaking its backup reporting and predictive analysis software into a platform for overall storage reporting. The latest release of the product, StorageConsole Platform 6.5, now uses a Web 2.0 architecture as a foundation for extending the technology from backup reporting to storage capacity management and beyond.

StorageConsole Platform 6.5 gives administrators access to the status of their backups, detailed insight into their heterogeneous storage environments, and the ability to run reports to check on storage capacity and utilization.

The software initially supports two applications: the new Aptare StorageConsole Capacity Management application, which gives administrators insight into the variance between allocated and used storage, and provides predictive analysis for future forecasting, and a new version of the company's StorageConsole Backup Management module, which now includes support for HP Data Protector and Symantec Backup Exec 11D backup environments, in addition to existing support for EMC Legato NetWorker, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, and Veritas NetBackup and BackupExec.

Aptare's addition of capacity planning capabilities is the first step in the company's road map toward a more comprehensive storage resource management (SRM) platform.

"We have morphed our StorageConsole product into a platform for Web-based storage reporting applications that increase management effectiveness, maximize storage utilization, and help reduce costs," says Aptare CEO Richard Clark.

The idea is to gain visibility into different areas of the storage infrastructure with each new software release by layering new features on top of the StorageConsole foundation. Clark says the next step in the process will be the addition of a module for visibility into the replication management process.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Bob Laliberte estimates storage capacity is growing by up to 60% per year while utilization rates are alarmingly low. The answer, he says, is to know what you have and how you are using it. "It's imperative for enterprises to deploy solutions that can discover and provide a realistic view of their storage environment, from primary storage through backup to disk or tape," says Laliberte.

In addition to the announcement of the two applications, Aptare also announced an upgrade to the enterprise storage management platform itself. The Aptare StorageConsole platform, which serves as the development foundation for the products, makes use of new Web 2.0 features, such as drag-and-drop reports, tabbed browsing, and report collaboration.

StorageConsole Backup Management and StorageConsole Storage Capacity Management will be available next month directly through Aptare, its resellers, and partners, including Hitachi Data Systems (HDS). The products are also available as a service through Aptare's authorized managed service providers.

A Capacity Management starter kit, which is licensed to view and report on up to 50TB of capacity, starts at $20,000. A Backup Management starter kit with 50 client licenses is priced from $15,000.

This article was originally published on August 22, 2007