SNW product highlights, Day 4

By InfoStor staff

—We wrap up our coverage of partnership and product announcements at this week's Storage Networking World conference with news from Emulex, QLogic, Nuova, JMR, Rasilient, Seanodes, Aristos Logic, Wasabi, BridgeHead, and Mendocino Software.

Emulex and archrival QLogic both announced partnerships with Nuova Systems this week to develop products based on the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard. In both cases, OEM qualification products are expected in the first half of 2008, with production shipments slated for the second half of 2008. FCoE enables native transport of Fibre Channel traffic over Ethernet networks.

At SNW, QLogic partnered with Nuova and Network Appliance in an FCoE demonstration that included converged network adapters (CNAs) from QLogic, FCoE technology from Nuova, and FCoE-enabled storage systems from NetApp running over 10Gbps Ethernet. CNAs appear to operating systems as converged Fibre Channel HBAs and Ethernet NICs.

Also at SNW, QLogic unveiled a number of next-generation products, including the following:

  • 8Gbps Fibre Channel HBAs and switches;
  • Midrange double data rate (DDR) InfiniBand switches and gateways to Fibre Channel SANs and Ethernet LANs; and
  • A DDR InfiniBand host channel adapter (HCA) for high-performance computing (HPC) clusters.

In a twist on conventional storage architectures, JMR Electronics unveiled a number of disk subsystems and an architecture—dubbed PeSAN—that relies on the PCIe host bus for storage connectivity. The company demonstrated the BlueStor Storage Server, an AMD Opteron-based RAID system. In a configuration with Microsoft Storage Server 2003 and LSI's MegaRAID 8344 PCIe controllers, the BlueStor system clocked more than 55,000 I/Os per second (IOPS).

JMR also claims that its BlueStor PCIe RAID disk arrays with PeSAN PCIe technology connected to a BlueStor Storage Server can achieve a sustained throughput of more than 1,000MBps, with a peak throughput of about 1,300MBps, with three PeSAN drive shelves. PeSAN connects storage resources directly to a PCIe host bus.

Rasilient Systems introduced the Rastor 3500/7500/8500 family of disk arrays, which are based on 64-bit, dual-core processors from AMD and active-active controllers, redundant components, 12 drives, and SAS expansion units. The systems can be configured with Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SAS host connections, and SAS or SATA drives.

France-based Seanodes launched itself at SNW, promising a family of systems with Shared Internal Storage (SIS) technology. The SIS systems will be officially introduced next month.

On the silicon front, Aristos Logic introduced the AL3450 UltraSlice-MPx, a single-chip RAID device supporting multiple host and disk interfaces, including SATA, SAS, and Fibre Channel, as well as the company's RAID software. Other features include a PCI-X interface and pipelined RISC processors.

Wasabi Systems introduced its Storage Builder for IP-SAN 3.0 software and demonstrated it running on Intel's Storage Server SSR212MC2. Designed for OEMs and VARs, the software includes support for SAS RAID controllers from LSI, Intel, and 3ware; configuration copy functionality for faster integration and setup of multiple appliances; and support for SES and SNMP. Suggested retail pricing for the software starts at $1,495.

BridgeHead Software introduced a Microsoft SharePoint data-archiving product—HT ShareStore—under its Enterprise Data Archiving (EDA) strategy. The software provides automated scanning of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) environments and can perform analysis of SharePoint file attributes. The software also provides indexing and data de-duplication.

Mendocino Software this week introduced the 2.1 version of its InfiniView for Microsoft Exchange Server software, which now includes more recovery options and expanded platform support. The software supports Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS), Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS), and Windows 64 on x64 Intel and AMD systems. InfiniView combines disk-based backup, continuous data protection (CDP), application awareness, and brick-level recovery. (Hewlett-Packard OEMs InfiniView.) The InfiniView 2.1 for Exchange is priced from $34,000.

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This article was originally published on October 19, 2007