Overland partners with Diligent for VTL de-dupe

By Kevin Komiega

—Overland Storage has joined forces with de-duplication specialist Diligent Technologies to bring a new midrange virtual tape library (VTL) to market for users in search of a way to meet their long-term data-retention needs.

Overland this week unveiled the REO 9500D VTL appliance as the first product in the company's portfolio to use Diligent's de-duplication technology. The two companies recently struck up an OEM partnership—also announced this week—whereby Diligent's ProtecTIER software has been chosen as the de-duplication technology to power Overland's REO 9500D.

"The REO 9500D provides a way to improve service levels and meet long-term data-retention requirements in an economical way," says Jeff Graham, senior product manager at Overland.

Graham says the use of Diligent's de-duplication and indexing technologies on the REO 9500D platform will allow users to typically retain 25x more backup data before moving the data to tape. "We believe end users will store three months of data, maybe more, on disk," he says.

The 9500D VTL appliance has up to 187TB of usable capacity in a 5U form factor with dual 4Gbps Fibre Channel host connectivity. The 9500D is a user-definable VTL, meaning the appliance can be configured with up to 12 library partitions, 64 virtual tape drives, and 3,000 virtual cartridges.

The 9500D uses Diligent's HyperFactor software, which allows index data to be stored in RAM for fast access. The index can map up to 1PB of physical storage in 4GB of RAM space on the ProtecTIER server.

HyperFactor performs inline de-duplication, which means that the de-duplication process occurs in real-time as the backup data stream is ingested by ProtecTIER. Graham says HyperFactor ensures performance is maintained as the amount of stored data grows.

Overland's REO 9500D is available from Overland's channel partners at a starting price of $65,400.

This article was originally published on November 06, 2007