Index Engines addresses eDiscovery

By Kevin Komiega

—Enterprise search-and-discovery specialist Index Engines has released the eDiscovery Edition of its Tape Engine technology with a new set of features for automating the electronic discovery process for offline tape content.

The eDiscovery Edition automates tape data sorting and object extraction, thereby eliminating the process of restoring tapes to begin data discovery. The new features are aimed at giving corporate legal teams faster access to metadata and full text content searches of data archives and allowing them to extract files and e-mails in response to litigation requests.

New to the platform are a tape-management module that automatically generates a catalog of the tapes loaded in a library, and an automated extraction module that can retrieve relevant data without restoring tapes with the original backup software.

"With our extraction capability you can rip individual files or e-mails out of Exchange or off tapes without ever having to touch the backup software," says Jim McGann, Index Engines' vice president of marketing. "There is no other way to do this without having to restore the content."

The eDiscovery platform is sold as a plug-and-play appliance that attaches to a tape library or drive through a SCSI or Fibre Channel connection. The appliance's auto-configure feature detects the connection and library type, indexes the data, and enables search. Once the data is searched and located, it is extracted onto a shared network drive. McGann calls the process "proactive litigation support."

"In lieu of using our technology you would have to send backup tapes out to a third-party service provider, but with our platform you can process data and produce it in 10 days versus the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure [FCRP] guidelines of 30 to 60 days," says McGann.

The Enterprise eDiscovery Edition works with common tape backup formats such as CA ARCServe, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec, and Legato NetWorker, and directly indexes unstructured files and e-mail. Once the data is indexed, it becomes immediately searchable.

Index Engines' Enterprise eDiscovery platform is priced from $50,000 for two million objects. The new Extraction Module is available as a $25,000 add-on to the core product.

This article was originally published on December 03, 2007