NetApp intros sub-$3K array

Network Appliance recently began shipping the model S300, a sub-$3,000 member of its Store- Vault family of multi-protocol disk arrays. Officials describe the S300 as an “all-in-one” networked storage appliance for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and remote or branch office installations. The system is aimed at companies that typically need 1TB to 3TB of capacity, have five to fifteen servers, and are running a Windows-centric environment. A 1TB configuration is priced from $2,988.

The S300 “unified storage system” supports SAN and NAS, Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity, and the Data ONTAP operating system.

The S300 is a smaller version of NetApp’s S500 with many of the same software features. The differences between the two lie in the hardware. The 4U S300 supports up to eight drives for a maximum capacity of 4TB with 500GB SATA drives. The S500 currently scales to 6TB and will soon get a capacity boost via higher-capacity drives. The S300 runs the Data ONTAP StoreVault Edition OS, and standard software features include online capacity expansion, up to 255 snapshots per volume, and FlexVol thin provisioning. Users can also take advantage of the StoreVault-to-FAS replication option, which enables replication from StoreVault appliances to NetApp’s FAS enterprise systems.

Management software includes StoreVault Manager 3.0, a Windows-based utility that includes SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition to simplify the manual processes associated with backup, recovery, and verification of Exchange databases.

The S300 also utilizes NetApp’s StoreVault Advanced Protection Architecture for data protection, which includes snapshots, RAID-DP (RAID 6) for protection against dual drive failures, and FlexVol thin provisioning.

Overland, Diligent partner on VTLs

Overland Storage has joined forces with de-duplication specialist Diligent Technologies to bring a new midrange virtual tape library (VTL) to market.

Overland’s 9500D has up to 187TB of capacity in a 5U form factor with dual 4Gbps Fibre Channel host connections. The VTL can be configured with up to 12 library partitions, 64 virtual tape drives, and 3,000 virtual cartridges.

The 9500D uses Diligent’s HyperFactor software, which allows index data to be stored in RAM for fast access. The index can map up to 1PB of physical storage in 4GB of RAM space. HyperFactor performs inline de-duplication, which means that the de-duplication process occurs in real-time as the backup data stream is ingested.

The REO 9500D is available from Overland’s channel partners at a starting price of $65,400.

Silver Peak optimizes applications over WANs

Silver Peak Systems has added new features to its NX family of WAN acceleration appliances, all aimed at overcoming packet loss and ordering problems that can wreak havoc on replication and remote backup applications across a WAN.

Silver Peak enhanced its Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology, and added new capabilities for real-time Packet Order Correction (POC) and packet striping.

The addition of these new features to the company’s appliances and Global Management System (GMS) enables real-time loss correction in high bandwidth environments, ensures out-of- order packets are re-ordered properly on the far end of a WAN link prior to delivery, and overcomes flow limitations in routers, firewalls, and other network devices for higher aggregate throughput and lower network latency.

Packet delivery issues become more problematic as data volumes increase, making them a big issue on high-capacity WAN links. Silver Peak claims a 1% loss on a typical WAN with 100ms latency will result in a maximum throughput of 1Mbps. This doesn’t present a problem for typical office applications, but can derail a replication application that needs more than 100Mbps throughput to stay in synch.

In MPLS and IP VPN environments, packet delivery issues can increase as throughput increases, which places more demand on network resources. Silver Peak officials say it is common to see averages of 0.5% packet loss with peaks reaching 5%, leading to excessive re-transmissions and slower data transfers across the WAN.

Silver Peak’s new software capabilities are available to existing customers as part of the company’s latest software release.

Isilon scales to 1.6PB

Isilon Systems’ IQ 12000 and EX 12000 clustered storage systems can scale to more than 1.6PB in a single file system and single volume. Based on the company’s OneFS operating system, both the IQ 12000 platform and EX 12000 extension unit include 12 1TB SATA drives from Hitachi in a 2U cabinet.

This article was originally published on December 01, 2007