Mirapoint streamlines e-mail archiving

By Ann Silverthorn

—Mirapoint today introduced RazorSafe, which manages and archives e-mail and instant messages to meet corporate compliance and government regulations. RazorSafe appliances attach to an e-mail server, combine software and hardware, and provide a granular view of stored data for e-discovery and compliance requirements.

Mirapoint has added lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) support, allowing users to run a query on both the appliance and on the backup tapes. This means users don't have to rely on the help desk to retrieve an e-mail. RazorSafe, which handles both incoming and outgoing messages, forwards the content that a user requests to their workstation e-mail. LDAP credentials allow a user to access their own mailbox (one employee cannot see another's data) on the RazorSafe appliance.

"Traditional archive systems are administrator tools," says Alan Elliot, vice president of marketing for Mirapoint. "Through LDAP and authorization, RazorSafe makes a subset of data that is available to end users."

In addition, a new plug-in for Microsoft Exchange allows users to search, print, and view the archived items through Exchange or through a GUI.

RazorSafe also includes Asian characters. "That has always been a problem, because US companies rarely contemplate double-byte characters," says Elliot. "Japan is better at archiving regulations than we are. Everybody's archiving over there. Companies here are still deleting their e-mails."

Elliott is referring to large enterprises whose lawyers advise them to delete everything in their mailboxes that are 30 days or older. He says the courts are not being very kind toward those policies and when the companies enter litigation, having the data is better than not having it. And just because the e-mail is off the server, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist in an employee's .pst file or outside the company and outside of the company's control.

In addition to the e-mail appliance, Mirapoint also offers a security appliance.

There are two models of RazorSafe: The entry model is priced at $19,995 for 1TB of storage, and the enterprise model at $49,995 for 3.7TB of storage, with no seat licenses required.

This article was originally published on December 17, 2007