Hitachi ships midrange NAS platform

By Kevin Komiega

-- Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) today announced the general availability of two new Hitachi Network Attached Storage (NAS) Platform systems – the Hitachi NAS 3080 and 3090 – as the company sets its sights squarely on the midrange NAS market.

The entry-level 3080 tops out at 1PB of capacity, while the 3090 maxes out at 2PB and supports 256TB of file system. Both models feature integrated file-based tiering, enabling policy-based automatic data migration between Fibre channel, SAS, SATA and archive storage tiers.

The systems are tuned to work with Hitachi's other storage products and the Storage Command Suite for centralized management of unified NAS and SAN environments. They are also integrated with Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and Oracle while used in VMware vSphere environments.

The NAS systems are OEM'd and based on products from partner BlueArc, which launched the Mercury 50 and Mercury 100 in July. Fred Oh, senior product marketing manager for Hitachi's NAS systems, says homegrown software differentiates the HDS NAS systems from competitive offerings, including BlueArc's Mercury line.

"For the first time we are fiercely going after the midrange marketplace. The way we are differentiating ourselves is by focusing on intelligent tiered storage. We supplement the capabilities of the BlueArc systems with our own Intelligent File Tiering and Hitachi Command Suite software," says Oh.

The HDS Intelligent Tiering technology ties into Hitachi Data Discovery Suite, which streamlines the search process across storage tiers.

Pricing for an entry-level 3080 NAS system with three drives, CIFS or NFS support, two virtual server engines and snapshot capabilities starts at approximately $70,000.

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This article was originally published on September 08, 2009