Data Domain targets remote offices

By Kevin Komiega

—Data Domain is extending its reach beyond the data center with a new de-duplicating system designed for data protection at remote office locations.

The company recently began shipping the DD120, a small de-duplicating backup system that extends the capabilities of Data Domain's enterprise systems—including replication, management, and support for backup and nearline data—to remote sites.

The DD120 provides up to 150GB/hour of inline de-duplicated throughput and up to 18TB of logical capacity in a 1U chassis. In addition, each appliance is packaged with the Data Domain Replicator software to enable remote site protection.

The DD120 systems are designed specifically to replicate data from remote locations back to a primary data center for consolidated tape operations and off-site disaster recovery (DR). The Replicator software, which is typically sold as an add-on option for Data Domain's other platforms, is being offered free of charge with the DD120.

Running the same operating system software as other Data Domain systems, the DD120 includes automated replication, data de-duplication, and centralized management of extended on-site and off-site retention and recovery.

The DD120 works with all existing Data Domain systems, including the DDX Array Series, which acts as a hub for recovery images vaulted from up to 320 remote locations.

Data Domain's vice president of product management, Brian Biles, says at an entry price of $12,500, the DD120 is approximately half the cost of the company's DD510.

"The DD120 offers a low-cost way to simply and automatically back up and recover locally as well as replicate remotely," says Biles. "With the DD120, storage and transport are automated, and management can be centralized."

The appliance sends compressed, de-duplicated bits to the central hub location and can increase bandwidth efficiency by up to 99% during the automated replication of backup and archive data sets across a WAN, according to Biles.

The DD120 can be integrated with backup and nearline applications as a CIFS or NFS file server, or using the new Symantec Veritas NetBackup OpenStorage interface. (The NetBackup OpenStorage interface is an API that enables native integration of NetBackup with intelligent disk devices.)

This article was originally published on February 22, 2008