C2C extends e-mail archiving capabilities

By Ann Silverthorn

—C2C this week announced that it has extended its ArchiveOne e-mail archiving software to help administrators identify and secure data that is likely to be essential for internal or external legal requirements.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were rewritten and then enacted on December 1, 2007, extending on that day to electronic data. Since then, many organizations have been confused about how long to keep e-mail, how to treat it, and how to dispose of it. The enhancements to ArchiveOne software relate to compliance and policy-management capabilities.

The FRCP legislation requires organizations to have e-mail governance systems in place so they can respond effectively when called upon for legal processes. When a company cannot produce e-mails in question, the jury is left to draw its own inferences. Adopting a policy that requires deletion of e-mails older than a certain time period is often inadvisable. And companies that adopt this type of policy will never really obliterate those e-mails; they may still exist in the plaintiffs' hands.

"I think that companies that do that [completely dispose of older e-mails] will find disaster in the future," says C2C CEO Dave Hunt.

The ArchiveOne software places items into a legal-hold state. One e-mail might be the focus of multiple investigations, and each investigation necessitates a custom retention period. The software associates multiple holds, allowing a single item to be treated as potential evidence for both internal and external investigations.

As for this week's announcement, Hunt says integration with other products is the most important aspect. C2C has extended ArchiveOne's search capabilities by utilizing a Federated Search Connector (FSC). This feature integrates with Microsoft Search Server, SharePoint MOSS 2007, and customer search providers from Internet Explorer. It also supports the OpenSearch V1.1 offering, and other open-source software, such as Lucene and OnyX.

FSC also allows an authenticated user of Microsoft Search Server to have secure access to the data held in the e-mail archive and to have a single point of search, which improves productivity.

C2C's .pst and discovery management allows access to the archive from literally anywhere, such as from a BlackBerry, at no extra cost and with no need to add more modules. ArchiveOne can also put its repositories on SANs, NAS, DVD, and WORM media, whether local or remote.

ArchiveOne 5.4 pricing starts at $20 per mailbox based on a total of 1,000 mailboxes. The price increases to $23 per mailbox for companies with fewer than 1,000 mailboxes. Conversely, the price per mailbox drops for companies with more than 1,000 mailboxes.

This article was originally published on February 27, 2008