CommVault adds SaaS-based service

By Kevin Komiega

CommVault is shipping a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering designed to help companies enhance system availability and better manage their storage environments.

The Remote Operations Management Service (ROMS) is a subscription-based support automation system that provides customers with environment monitoring via the Web. ROMS was built for use with CommVault’s Simpana Software Suite to provide site monitoring.

ROMS is a framework of software, systems, and support personnel that provides managed monitoring. The service offers on-demand reporting and monitoring capabilities for data management, access, and protection (MAP) technologies. Users can access and track real-time alert, trend, and storage usage reports through a Web-based dashboard.

When alerts occur, ROMS transmits all the relevant information associated with the failure via an encrypted Web service to CommVault’s ROMS Operations Center. Alerts are then analyzed and responded to, based on service level agreements (SLAs) that have been established by the customer for each monitored server.

The ROMS system is integrated with CommVault’s support databases for automated alert identification, log capture, and issue escalation.

Robert Brower, CommVault’s director of worldwide professional services, says ROMS can reduce both operational costs and system downtime.

“ROMS provides customers with the options to both support and report on data movement in their environment,” says Brower. “Our payload listener facilitates the ability to monitor an environment and capture alerts about failures or potential failures in the data movement process.” As a subscription-based service, CommVault’s ROMS listener software, installed on a CommServe system, automatically updates and enhances itself via a secure socket layer (SSL) connection to the ROMS central database in real-time.

ROMS is available in North America as a subscription-based SaaS offering. The service is licensed on a per-server basis and can be purchased directly from CommVault or its resellers. Each ROMS engagement requires monitoring agents to be installed at a cost of 25% of a Comm-Vault CommCell license.

Once the listening, monitoring, and media agents have been installed, client licenses can be purchased for $6 per month for gold service, $8 per month for platinum, and $10 per month for diamond service.

CommVault formalized its SaaS strategy late last year when the company began offering a program for partners providing managed data-protection services to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Under the program, service providers can license CommVault’s Simpana enterprise data-protection software and use it as the foundation for online backup services.

This article was originally published on March 01, 2008