BlueArc doubles performance of high-end NAS systems

By Kevin Komiega

—BlueArc has once again doubled the size and speed of its high-performance network-attached storage (NAS) systems with the launch of the Titan 3000 series—the newest addition to the company's line of unified storage systems for file services consolidation.

The Titan 3000 series, which replaces the Titan 2000 at the high-end of the company's product portfolio, features up to twice the performance of the 2000 series with a maximum capacity of up to 4PB and a starting price of approximately $100,000, which is about the same price as a base model of the Titan 2200.

The Titan 3000 series is available now in two models. The Titan 3100 features maximum performance of approximately 100,000 IOPS, maximum throughput of 10Gbps, and a maximum usable capacity of 2PB. The bigger Titan 3200 clocks in at 200,000 IOPS, a maximum throughput 20Gbps, and a usable capacity of 4PB.

The Titan platform was built using a hardware-accelerated architecture and offers enterprise-class management tools, including data migration, replication, and anti-virus support. The Titan's object-based file system scales to 256TB and can support multiple file systems for a total capacity of 4PB.

The system supports a Cluster Name Space (CNS) option that creates a unified directory structure that provides global accessibility to data resources. The CNS option supports both CIFS and NFS connectivity with extensibility from two to eight nodes in a cluster.

The Titan also features a tiered storage option that lets users mix-and-match drive types based on access and application requirements. The systems support a mix of Fibre Channel, SATA, and WORM protected storage on a single system.

Proving that its products play well with others, BlueArc has also expanded its partner activities through the introduction of an open application programming interface (API), which, according to Louis Gray, BlueArc's director of corporate marketing, is a crucial step toward making the most of the Titan 3000 platform.

"Our Data and File Management API program offers our platform to our storage management partners and gives them an opportunity to make something unique and different," says Gray.

Gray says the open API allows customers and partners to create or modify applications to take advantage of the Titan software suite and underlying hardware capabilities. Specifically, he claims customers and partners can use the API to build intelligent file services with confidence that Titan's server architecture will sustain performance, regardless of the complexity of software applications and features that are added.

BlueArc's partner list includes Asigra, BakBone, CommVault, Expand Networks, Hitachi Data Systems, Index Engines, LSI, Oracle, Riverbed Technology, Scentric, Symantec, and Texas Memory Systems. Gray says BlueArc will soon announce additional partners in the areas of server virtualization, de-duplication, backup and anti-virus, wide area file services (WAFS), and database technology.

This article was originally published on March 20, 2008